You Can Reach Your Leadership and
Fundraising Goals Faster!

Running and funding a nonprofit is hard. But you don't have to do it alone.

The Nonprofit Academy was created for you! An NPA membership provides the expert guidance and solutions you need at a cost you can afford. You'll learn how to:

  • raise more money in special events, grants, fundraising letters, crowdfunding, and face-to-face asks
  • turn your board into fundraising superstars
  • have more volunteers than you know what to do with
  • attract more donors and keep the donors you have
  • grow as a nonprofit leader, what ever your current title is!

If  so, then say "yes" to being a part of The Nonprofit Academy®. Those are all topics you can have access to right now in the Members-only Online Vault.

The help you need when you need it

Leading and fundraising can be very isolating. But by joining The Nonprofit Academy® you have access to trainings by our faculty of experienced nonprofit development experts. These give you the information, guidance, and strategies you need to move past feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

Better yet, you'll join a community of other nonprofit leaders. Through a monthly members call and an online forum, you'll feel more connected to people just like you. Through trainings and live interatction, The Nonprofit Academy® helps you engage your board, raise awareness, and ultimately give you the strategies and tools you need to raise more money. And to run your organization more efficiently and effectively.

"There is nothing in the nonprofit or fundraising space more accessibly priced and more valuable than an NPA membership. For less than it costs to attend a local one day conference, The Nonprofit Academy provides exceptional access to nonprofit thought leaders, CFRE credits, and a wide variety of ongoing new content. As a manager, if I had one tool to choose from, it would be NPA because I can know that my teammates will receive excellent continuing education from the very best teachers and be able to expand their comfortability with other areas of fundraising and nonprofit competencies. I'd pay 10x the cost so, at the current price, it's an absolute no-brainer investment for professional development."
Cherian Koshy

Director of Development, Des Moines Performing Arts

The Nonprofit Academy®

The Nonprofit Academy® is designed to help you skyrocket your nonprofit's success. You get the training and resources you need, and access to them when you need them. You have access to over 100 trainings already posted in the Online Vault. Plus each month you get at least one new training from a national or international expert. They'll cover fundraising, marketing, and leadership topics designed to grow your organization.

And more than these trainings, you get live in-the-moment answers to your questions. Once a month, you'll be able to be on the phone with NPA Executive Director Marc A. Pitman and the other NPA members for a group question & answer calls. These are short, to-the-point, and geared to helping answer the questions you bring.


What Would It Be Worth To You?

  • To have a community of people to share ideas with and receive encouragement from?
  • To have reasoned and researched answers to the fundraising questions your board and boss are asking?
  • To feel focused and productive - rather than tired and overwhelmed?
  • To have tools to get your board members eager to help?
  • To not have to be alone?
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I’m a one-horse show where I am and getting input from other fundraisers is hugely helpful to me. ‘Virtual’ personal development and inspiration. Thank you.
Rose C.

Christchurch, NZ

We are very impressed...and consider your organization very good value indeed. We are impressed with the literature and suggestions that you have e-mailed us.
Beverly J.


Thank you so much for the webinar today. It was really helpful and got me thinking in ways I hadn't before. I can't wait to put this information into practice!
Colleen M.


Thank you! You are offering a great service and I am grateful for your wisdom, insight and help! You are offering something MANY of us in the development world need.
Jane W.


Thank you for making membership so affordable. The service is heaven-sent and I would urge every small nonprofit to avail of it!
Gregory H.


I've joined AFP but I like your webinars much better. And they cost less too!


The Nonprofit Academy Monthly Fundraising TrainingMonthly Training: Each month, you will receive access to a live webinar with content geared especially to nonprofits like yours. All webinars are recorded so you can view them according to your schedule.
The Nonprofit Academy Monthly Members-only Fundraising Coaching CallMonthly Members-Only Call with NPA members and leadership coach, Marc A. Pitman: Bring questions that you're currently wrestling with and we'll all help you create strategies to raise more money, more quickly, than you could alone!
Members-Only Online Vault: You’ll have instant access to the entire Online Vault of over 100 trainings, tools, and templates. All in one convenient, central place!
The Nonprofit Academy Members-only Online ForumMembers-Only Community: You are not alone. As an NPA member, you’ll be invited to participate in a members-only on-line community of your peers. All members of the Academy can drop in and help each other 24/7.
CFRE Approved ProviderCFRE Continuing Education Credit: To top it all off, you can earn CFRE continuing education points with NPA webinars!

"The Nonprofit Academy allows me to belong to something that will help me in my job and it takes very little effort on my part besides logging into a call." - Debbie S., St. Petersburg, FL

And the Cost? Just $19 per month!

There's only one level of membership but three convenient payment options. For less than a latte a week, you get a monthly training webinar, a monthly Q&A call, 24/7 access to resources in the Online Vault and the online community of your peers. You can save even more by choosing the annual or lifetime plans.


Filled with practical strategies from 8 leading nonprofit experts, this is great for a kick start any time of year. This normally sells for $34.95. But the ebook is yours as a bonus for joining The Nonprofit Academy!


The booklet designed to help board members of all types productively help with nonprofit fundraising. The 21 ways are filled with tips for introverts and extroverts - and everyone inbetween. Yours to download and share with each board member as soon as you join.

How can this be only $19?

Great question. When others see the quality of NPA trainings, they say this should cost $47 or even $97 per month. Especially because the Academy keeps growing in value for you as we add more trainings. But our mission is to make it "ridiculously easy to find fundraising training." That commitment includes making it easy to invest in it too. So we're sticking to the $19/month. (Or even less if you choose the annual option!)

If you’re still uncertain about joining, we totally understand. After all, this might be the first time you've ever heard of The Nonprofit Academy®. So that you can feel as confident about this as we are, we're taking away the risk by offering you…

Don't wait — get started now. Looking forward to seeing you inside!
To your nonprofit success,

Marc A. Pitman, CFCC

P.S. Please take a moment to imagine where your nonprofit – and your community – will be one year from now if you join today. Let’s get started working together to help you impact your community in a big way!