You Can Have Fresh Ideas for Fundraising and Leadership every month!

Nonprofit fundraising and leadership is hard. It's easy to get overwhelmed. But you don't have to do it alone.

The Nonprofit Academy gives you help and support every month! An NPA membership provides the fresh idea for fundraising, access to the best experts in the sector, and support from peers at a cost you can afford.

As an NPA member you'll get:

  • new trainings from leading experts every month;
  • monthly calls with NPA members and with leadership expert and fundraising coach, Marc A. Pitman;
  • CFRE approved credits for all the trainings;
  • and the peace of mind knowing you can find the answers and strategies you need!
"There is nothing in the nonprofit or fundraising space more accessibly priced and more valuable than an NPA membership. For less than it costs to attend a local one day conference, The Nonprofit Academy provides exceptional access to nonprofit thought leaders, CFRE credits, and a wide variety of ongoing new content. As a manager, if I had one tool to choose from, it would be NPA because I can know that my teammates will receive excellent continuing education from the very best teachers and be able to expand their comfortability with other areas of fundraising and nonprofit competencies. I'd pay 10x the cost so, at the current price, it's an absolute no-brainer investment for professional development."
Cherian Koshy

Director of Development, Des Moines Performing Arts

NEW IDEAS - Every Month

What would it be worth to have fresh fundraising ideas delivered to you every month? Training done so excellently that it earns CFRE continuing education credits each time?

As an NPA member, if your boss or board asks you a question, you won't feel overwhelmed. You will know exactly where to go to get the answers. You'll have access to the best experts. And you'll have a Netflix-like ability to stream the trainings you've missed.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I’m a one-horse show where I am and getting input from other fundraisers is hugely helpful to me. ‘Virtual’ personal development and inspiration. Thank you.
Rose C.

Christchurch, NZ

We are very impressed...and consider your organization very good value indeed. We are impressed with the literature and suggestions that you have e-mailed us.
Beverly J.


Thank you so much for the webinar today. It was really helpful and got me thinking in ways I hadn't before. I can't wait to put this information into practice!
Colleen M.


Thank you! You are offering a great service and I am grateful for your wisdom, insight and help! You are offering something MANY of us in the development world need.
Jane W.


Thank you for making membership so affordable. The service is heaven-sent and I would urge every small nonprofit to avail of it!
Gregory H.


"I've joined AFP but I like your webinars much better.
And they cost less too!"


New Trainings: Each month, you will get a training on better fundraising practices and new ideas for leading from the top experts in the world. Every training is recorded so you can watch them whenever it fits your schedule.

Monthly Call: Every month you have office hours with Marc A. Pitman, an expert coach in nonprofit fundraising and leadership. Get answers to the questions you're wrestling with and learn what other members are doing that is working now!

Help When You Need It: In addition to the trainings and calls, you will have access to a members-only on-line community of your peers. And you'll have access to all the NPA trainings and templates our experts have given in the past.
CFRE Approved Content Provider 2022
CFRE Continuing Education Credit: To top it all off, you can earn CFRE continuing education points with NPA webinars!

And the Cost? Just $19 per month!

There's only one level of membership but three convenient payment options. For less than a latte a week, you get a monthly training webinar, a monthly Q&A call, 24/7 access to resources in the Online Vault and the online community of your peers. You can save even more by choosing the annual or lifetime plans.

"The Nonprofit Academy allows me to belong to something that will help me in my job and it takes very little effort on my part besides logging into a call."

- Debbie S., St. Petersburg, FL,