About NPA


Equip nonprofits to transform and thrive in an environment that focuses on learning, collaboration and grace.


  1. Grace - being quick to forgive others (and yourself).
  2. Collaborate - aiming to work with others - both within your organization and within the community you serve.
  3. Transform - seeking transformations with donors in the way they see their giving, with clients in the new things they might learn, for your organization in the greater numbers of clients you'll be able to serve and for you personally.
  4. Learn - recognizing that we all have new things to learn.

  • Looking for a place where you can learn about fundraising strategies for limited budgets?
  • Want to be a part of community of people who are aiming for greater impact?
  • Ready to find data and tools to share with your organization’s leadership to help you be more successful?

You’re in the right place. You're passionate about your cause, motivated to make a difference in your community and love what you do. You know what it takes to serve people – and aren't worried that some might say that you are too small to make a difference. You have a vision for a better world. Marc A. Pitman, Director - The Nonprofit Academy

My name is Marc A. Pitman, and my mission is to help you get your systems and support in place so that you can raise the money you need. With The Nonprofit Academy, we’ve put together the people, resources and information you need to be successful.

Together with the faculty here at The Nonprofit Academy, we know the obstacles nonprofits face, but we also know the solutions and opportunities. And we know how to help you seize the ones that are best for you.

We give you the know-how, training, and resources you need to grow your leadership, grow your resources, and achieve your mission. During convenient virtual trainings, chats, group coaching calls, a members forum and a training vault with dozens of recorded webinars, we show you:

  • What is proven to work, for small nonprofits
  • How to raise more funds, more easily
  • How to get more more help from your board, volunteers, and donors
  • How to establish systems and processes that will serve you now and for years to come
  • How to lead your organization to the next level of mission impact

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