Thanks for joining me for this fourth tip in my video series – aimed towards helping you grow Great Fundraising results through increased understanding and better communication.

In the first video, we talked about the importance of understanding that each of us brings a different perspective to our work. In the second video we covered systems theory – the idea that we all operate as part of a system. The third video was about teamwork – both being conscientious and being supportive of each other.

We live in a fast-paced environment. Things are changing full speed ahead. We have a choice to stand our guns and keep in the same direction we’ve been headed – or we can be flexible and adapt. We can keep on learning – or we can assume we already know everything we need to know.

Clayton Burnett’s study identified having an organizational learning culture as one of the indicators that enable fundraising to thrive. This didn’t need to consist of structured learning environments. More informal mentoring relationships were also able to fill the need. You might be encouraged to know that strides were able to made in organizations that did not initially embrace this idea. There were significant changes that needed to happen, but once made enabled fundraising to thrive.

Thanks for joining me in this last of my four part video series. I hope you can join me on May 9th for a free webinar that will dive more into the report from Clayton Burnett, as well as provide a structure for understanding communication styles. Please visit for more information and to register (at no charge) for the webinar.