Have you had any thoughts about a free report you could offer that would be beneficial to potential donors? That’s one of the things we can offer that will help us build a group of potential donors (otherwise known as an email and snail mail list).

In case you’re like me and prefer to read something instead, here’s the transcript: How would you like to ask for a gift – without having to ask?

There are a few ways to integrate asking into what you’re already doing. In today’s session, we’ll cover three easy things you can do to accomplish that.

The first item involves the tone of your piece. Stories are important, but don’t forget to include information about the impact of what the organization has done to influence that outcome. Just like our Christian testimony talks about how our relationship with Christ has impacted our lives, the stories we tell need to share how our organization has impacted those people and groups we interact with.

Once you’ve got the story down, it’s time to adapt the language you use. A good test is the I/we versus you test. Ideally, you’ll see you twice as many times as you see I or we. When you adapt the story in this manner, it becomes more donor-centered – rather than organization centered. Donors want to know the difference they are helping to make happen through their giving, so the more we help them see that, the more likely that they will continue their support over time.

The first two ideas today focused on messaging. This last idea is something a little more practical.

We’re overloaded by email, so why not make the most of it? Add a short note as part of your email signature that encourages people to learn more about what you do. One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer a free report.

Your free report doesn’t need to be fancy, and it can take just about any form you want it to. But it does have to be something that the recipient will find useful. And it should be something that, once developed, doesn’t cost you anything to send it. It could be something related to personal growth, or a devotion series, or how to handle circumstances they might face in their daily life. Regardless, it should relate in some way to your organization’s mission.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more videos!