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Have you ever wondered what makes you cry while watching a video, what makes you willing to donate to a cause or to hand over your credit card details to a stranger over the phone or at the subway stop?

Based on recent discoveries in neurosciences applied to marketing and fundraising, Francesco Ambrogetti explains why and how emotions guide our decisions and the role they play when we decide to support a cause or an organization.

In this revolutionary webinar, Francesco will guide you into a fascinating travel around the real reasons why people donate (they don't reveal in a survey!).

  1. The six core emotions and how they work or fail in fundraising
  2. The empire of fundraising senses: how to spice up your fundraising using sensory techniques and insights
  3. How to read the minds and hearts of donors using modern technologies and a simple human tool: the face

Key learnings:

  • Principles for a powerful and effective fundraising using scientifically the emotions, and the scientific insights from neurosciences and neuro-marketing
  • How to craft a powerful fundraising appeal or campaign using sensory and emotional elements
  • Understand and read donors potential to engage emotionally to your messages and communications

Additional Information for Emotionraising

Download the audio: Emotionraising: How to astonish, disturb, seduce, and convince the brain to support good causes (MP3)

Download the slides: Emotionraising: How to astonish, disturb, seduce, and convince the brain to support good causes (PDF)

Be sure to buy his book on Amazon at: Emotionraising

To print out his Emotionmeter, download this PDF of that slide: EmotionMeter (PDF)

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