Finding the right tools and strategies for your nonprofit is the ultimate goal of The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits. Most fundraising books focus on nonprofits with large budgets, leaving smaller nonprofits to figure out what is relevant for their goals. That is the inspiration behind The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits.

Currently, there are no fundraising books that comprehensively deal with the specific challenges of running a nonprofit on a small budget. Small nonprofits have a unique set of challenges and require a special kind of creativity when fundraising. The Essential Fundraising Handbook focuses on these challenges in a powerful way.

Written by a panel of consultants and experts with over 112 combined years of experience, this book walks nonprofit leaders and staff through the techniques and strategies that have guided some of the  most successful nonprofits (large and small). Using these successful principles, readers will get detailed case studies, worksheets, and strategies for almost every type of fundraising activity including:

  • Grant writing

  • Board development

  • Donor engagement

  • Copywriting

  • Auctions

  • Major gifts

  • And much more!

No matter your fundraising goal, The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits offers advice and insight that anyone involved with fundraising can use in one volume.

It’s time for your fundraising goals to reach your dreams. Order your copy of The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits today!



“What do you get when eight big deal specialists set out to produce a standard reference especially for small nonprofits? This wonderful, urgently needed book. It’s a step-by-step manual of everything small shops really need to make fundraising work for them, flush with checklists, guidelines, and fill in the blank forms! Consider it a cure for false steps.”
Tom Ahern

Ahern Donor Communications

“Reading the book was literally like having an up close and personal conversation with the very best experts in fundraising for the small shop! The advice was not only sound, but presented in such a practical manner that every fundraiser and small NPO executive can put it right to use.”
Jay Love

CEO & Co-Founder, Bloomerang

“I suspect the actual life of any small charity is very far from the din of advice fundraisers read online or hear at conferences. The Essential Fundraising Handbook leaves all that noise behind and just attends to the basics. These experts draw from their experiences in nonprofits similar to yours. They've been there, they know what it takes to make the wheels go around year after year for successful, small nonprofits. If you are a fundraiser in a small charity, I suggest you ignore the noise and go back to the basics. Start with this book.”
Joanne Fritz, Ph.D.

Guide to Nonprofits,

"The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits is packed with practical, tried-and-true ideas. It feels as if you're part of a friendly chat that's guiding you on what to do and where you can best spend your time. The book will spark your enthusiasm for fundraising, and is useful to both staff and volunteers running small organizations. Enjoy and share it!"
Renee McGivern

Host, Nonprofit Spark Radio Show

“As someone who primarily works with small shops, I can tell you that this is a wonderful primer on many key aspects of fund development. You don’t need to look much further than the list of contributing authors to know this is worth a read!”
Tina Cincotti