Dennis FischmanNPA faculty member Dennis Fischman knows how hard it can be to find the right nonprofit stories. He wanted to tell the story of Amadou and his family, people Dennis' anti-poverty organization in Somerville, Massachusetts had helped. In a post called "Telling Stories that Move Donors to Give," Dennis shares this familiar experience.

Should I tell them how our agency convinced the food stamp bureaucracy to accept applications right there in our office? Because of us, Somerville families didn’t have to take a bus to a train to another train to apply for food stamps, spending hours getting there and back. But how much would that mean to the person who doesn’t use SNAP?

On the post, he talks about how he shifted to asking Amadou his story.

Where to find the RIGHT stories

That's a powerful example, but it's just one. Fortunately Dennis shares a detailed plan in his session: Where's the Story? Discovering Stories that Drive Donations. He shares:

  • How to make the story actually interesting, rather than just a list of facts
  • Who the unlikely hero of your story needs to be (you will be surprised)
  • And how to systematically collect stories so the story is there when you need it.

Finding the right nonprofit stories doesn't have to be hit-or-miss. Learn how to make it predictable in the "Where's the Story? Discovering Stories that Drive Donations" session at