How are you thanking your donors? Here are a couple of quick thoughts from two of our participating coaches:

From Kirsten Bullock:

Here are just a few thoughts to keep in mind:

  • make it meaningful to the donor (talk about the donor and their impact)
  • keep it appropriate to the level of support they are providing
  • ensure that it is relevant both to the work you do and to the donor you are communicating with

Do you recognize a theme here? Donor-focused is key.

Wishing you and your a very happy - and restful - Thanksgiving.

From Sheri Chaney Jones:

Tapping into donor’s giving spirit for your end of year appeal.

One way to do this is by quantifying how many people will be served or what their donation will buy.  For example, if you are a food bank figure out how much it costs to feed one family for a day or week.  Then divide that by a certain donation amount.  Let’s say that a $5.00 donation feeds a family for a day.  Then you could say a $100.00 donation would provide meals to 20 families.  This makes donors feel like they are giving a gift to 20 people.  Or you can break down what a certain donation would “buy”.  For example you could say, a $500.00 donation provides a child’s treatment for six months or $100 provides shots and medical attention to one rescued dog.

How can you turn your fundraising needs into a tangible gift for your donors?

Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!