This is an exciting week! Later today there’s a free Q&A session with the authors of The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits (you can register for the event on the book page: and Thursday John Frank will be teaching a webinar on stewardship for members of The Nonprofit Academy (see below for more information).

Hope you can make it to one – or both – of those events!

Here’s my most liked quote of the week (based on the number of likes on my personal Facebook page):

In order to receive and appreciate the good things in life, you must first give. - Norman Vincent Peale

Kirsten Recommends:

The Call of the Steward – Generosity to Your Cause – Webinar

Members’ Monthly Webinar with Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE, CCNL
Thursday, Feb. 20, 1:00 pm EST

This webinar will present how the steward is the key relationship in your development programs.  The call of the steward is a philosophy that moves the development efforts from just raising money, to assisting stewards in achieving their giving goals.

Connecting stewards to the causes they care about (YOUR cause) is the key for the future of all nonprofits. We must move from getting money FROM donors, to creating ways for stewards to respond to THEIR call of generosity.

The webinar will offer the philosophy behind a stewardship focused development effort, as well as give specific strategies for implementation.

Learn more and register now!

 Awareness / Communications

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What Others are Doing

Online / Technology

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Leadership / Other

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