Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


  • Does the phrase “tax deductible” kill donations? Survey after survey shows that people don’t primarily give for a tax deduction. So why lead with that as an appeal?”… by Marc A. Pitman
  • 36 Fundraising Tips to Provoke Your Point of View, Sharpen Your Focus and Make You Laugh: So many very smart people spoke last week at the AFP IHQ Conference in San Diego!Here are tweets from the top #AFPeeps at the Conference. You’ll find one liners under 140 characters that will ZAP your point of view and shake you up a bit … by Gail Perry
  • When donor gifts work - and when they don’t Premiums can work to boost giving in the short term but also create some problems long term, especially if the premiums are positioned as a quid pro quo for a gift and have limited resonance with the cause. So what approach might be better? ... by Katya Andresen
  • Why Donors Stop Giving We all know the key foundation for funding of most non-profits is a dedicated group of loyal donors. There seems to be some research about what incites the loyalty aspect of recurring donors, but darn little on why the loyalty ends ... by Jay Love via Marc A. Pitman
  • I decided not to cancel – but for how long? In almost all cases you are not your target audience. So you must take great care not to think just because you like something, that it will be what your donors want. Time spent to get a better understanding of your supporters is absolutely invaluable to good fundraising. … by Lucy Gower




  • Susan Danish: What Do Nonprofits Need More Than Funding? It's no secret that many nonprofits are increasingly starved for cash needed to carry out their missions. But another deficit is less apparent -- finding new and effective leaders for nonprofits at all levels: national, regional and local ...Via AFP
  • Nonprofits Want Youngins - Association Bisnow: Nonprofits are wooing 20- and 30-somethings for their energy and eventual power as they move up in their careers. (If that's the target demographic, they should consider replacing their old CEO with Jimmy Fallon.) Via AFP
  • Return on (fundraising) Talent, Vera Peerdeman: The driving force behind a successful fundraising programme is not so much the technique applied, but the fundraiser who puts this into practice. The talent of this fundraiser is thus of immeasurable value … via AFP
  • Charity Athletics: ROI Should be Measured Long Term - Nonprofit Quarterly: According to a study from the IU School of Philanthropy, charity races bring in only $3.20 for every dollar spent. Compare that to telephone solicitations: $12 raised per dollar spent. How about capital campaigns? Each dollar spent in one of those garners $20 in return. Via AFP