Here are last week's headlines with news, tips, and ideas you can use to improve your nonprofit.


  • For too many of us, we track progress against goals and compare last year to this year as the ways to measure our fundraising health. Here are 5 fundamental metrics we should all measure and use for decision making.
  • Trends in the benefit auction world don’t change as often as fashion, so Sherry Truhlar says that the three she identified in 2012 still hold. But after working with over 100 onsite and consulting clients in 2012, Sherry has some other forward-thinking predictions for 2013.
  • Jeff Brooks shares the 7 Heavenly Virtues of Fundraising.
  • Getting the financial support of your board doesn’t really need to be such a huge challenge. Gail Perry tells you how you can really make it happen.
  • More stakeholders demand that companies move beyond a foundation or doling out checks. Many companies are responding in kind. See why corporate giving programs are here to stay.
  • Advice from Jen Love on fundraising copy: 6 things that circle (and circle and circle) through her head each time she writes and edits fundraising copy.
  • In annual letters from Bill and Melinda Gates, measurement takes center stage.


  • There's no agreement in the nonprofit sector about ideal board size. Some say 18-25. Others insist no more than twelve. Here are some pros and cons related to various board sizes.
  • Whose Side Are You On? Despite shining exceptions on the whole we’re divided internally, divided from our partners, divided from the public, and (unforgivably) divided from those we serve.
  • Development Directors Are Not Miracle Workers. Find out why the mere presence of a development director is not sufficient to guarantee successful fundraising.
  • Here are 9 ways you can avoid or overcome 'Founder's Syndrome'.

Online / Marketing

  • Sometimes we can’t help ourselves and feel compelled to measure some of our successes through vanity metrics such as FB Likes or Twitter followers. This can sometimes lead us down a dangerous path. Learn 5 tips to be more influential across channels.
  • Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. Here are 8 steps to prepare your Facebook page for Graph Search.
  • In an effort to capitalize on this seeming modern-day gold rush, are nonprofits at risk of concentrating so heavily on digital outreach that they risk losing their personal connection with their core support altogether? Read more.
  • Market research firm Nielsen has just released what should be one of the more authoritative reviews of consumer use of social media – The Social Media Report 2012.
  • Thinking about creating a meme for your nonprofit? Allyson Kapin provides some great tips.

Nonprofit News

  • Governments Finding Creative Ways to Chip away at Tax Exemptions. The movement of local governments to tax nonprofit property owners has begun to drift from simply targeting wealthy nonprofit landowners like hospitals and universities toward taxing nonprofit property owners of any sort.
  • Wondering what different generations give (on average)? Learn who the most generous generation is in charitable giving.