Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


  • Monthly Giving for Small Nonprofits: 8 Tips It seems to me that monthly giving programs should be a natural for small, even tiny nonprofits. Yet, many in the US still don't use this form of giving. By Joanne Fritz
  • Write a better fundraising appeal: keep it simple You’ve probably heard this before. You want to get read? Keep your writing simple. I’m talking 4th to 6th grade level simple. By Mary Cahalane
  • You are not your donor It's an issue for fundraisers, because just as commercial markets are not their customers, you are not your donor. Fundraisers who grasp this raise a lot more money. They enjoy their work more too. By Jeff Brooks
  • Smart Nonprofits Plan Ahead For #GivingTuesday Did you forget something on the day after Thanksgiving 2012? No, it wasn’t the early bird deal at the mall for that Christmas gift…it was the first ever #GivingTuesday. The grassroots-style effort was an attempt to use the online shopping season as a way to attract donations to nonprofits. By Brendan Kinney


  • What Happens If You Aren’t Bold Afraid to be bold in your communications or programming? I’d be more afraid if you weren’t! These challenges are as much a part of your job as a marketing professional as creating your email or Facebook strategy. By Kivi Leroux Miller
  • Hey Girl, I See What Your Nonprofit Is Doing Entertaining memes have exploded across the Internet. Many nonprofits are capitalizing on their popularity. By Melissa Raimondi
  • Op Ed Writing: Countering Your Opponent’s Argument Margot Friedman, principal of Dupont Circle Communications, conducts trainings on writing and placing opinion editorials. By Nancy Schwartz
  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging Here are 4 key reasons why your organization should have a blog, as well as a Movie Monday video that offers a look at how one organization "built excitement and community engagement" with a blog. By Lori Halley
  • With A 9-Person Social Media Team, They Better Get It Right! Would you associate AARP, the voice of America’s 50+ population, with adroit use of social media? If not, think again. AARP has some 80 Facebook pages with over a million fans, an active presence on YouTube and Twitter, and a “toehold” in about 15 other online platforms. By Tom Belford


  • 10 Essentials of an Effective Volunteer Board In Britain we have a long and proud tradition of voluntary board service. But if we’re honest it could really do with revisiting and refurbishing. By Ken Burnett
  • Strategery and Technology: Or Why You Too Can Be a Tech Leader Imagine you're a leader and someone starts talking about IT and technology, and how you need to have a strategic technology plan in addition to your organizational plan. By Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey
  • How To Talk About Fundraising Costs Like it or not, far too many folks judge a charity by its cost of fundraising and ‘overhead’. Fortunately, the industry is waking up and finally seems motivated to deal with the issue. By Roger Craver
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax Explained In order to qualify as a tax-exempt organization under IRC Section 501(c)(3), an organization must be operated primarily for tax-exempt purposes. This parameter allows such nonprofit organizations to engage in a limited amount of business activity unrelated to the organization's exempt purposes. By Michele Berger


  • Presidents point the light on volunteerism There are many causes that can unify even the deepest philosophical and political divides. Last week, at the White House, it was the spirit of community service. President Obama, former President George H. W. Bush and their families held a...By Vanessa Small
  • Turning Legacies into Leverage for Greater Impact  For the last two decades, the movements for social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and social innovation have been working to identify new solutions to old problems and take them to scale. By Heather McLeod Grant
  • Facilitating with Sticky Notes Last week, I had the opportunity to participate in a convening of  ”network practitioners”  (consultants and others who are working with or networks of people and organizations on social change goals) at the Packard Foundation. By Beth Kanter
  • How to Approach the Press with Email Shannon Arnold participated in the last session of our Nonprofit Marketing Guide Mentoring Program. One of her challenges was figuring out a good approach to media relations. Shannon shares what worked for her here. By Kivi Leroux Miller