Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!

Awareness / Communications

  • How to Write Killer Talking Points  You or your colleague has an interview coming up with the local TV or radio station or a short speaking engagement at a press conference. First, congratulations! However, you have only 2 – 5 minutes to communicate a lot of information. Enter really killer talking points…By Hallie Schoffner
  • DIY: A Formula For Effective Donor Newsletters For much of the past decade, I’ve worked for nonprofits that are on the smallish side. We need maximum results from a minimal number of staff. I’m always on the look-out for great ideas that I can copy. So it was lucky for me to have been a fan of Tom Ahern and his e-newsletter for so long. By Mary Cahalane
  • Your 1 & Only Path to Content that Converts Select that one thing (among the many things) that will make a significant difference and that you want to do better. Then start doing it right now on a regular basis. By Nancy Schwartz
  • Annual Campaign Trilogy Part III: Timeline to Terrific Tallies In the last of his three-part series on annual campaigns, Sean King lays out your campaign timeline. Read Part 1 and Part 2. Kivi
    Leroux Miller's Guest Post by Sean King of YEA!
  • Nonprofit Content Marketing - What’s Holding You Back? A new report offers insight into nonprofit content marketing. Here are some report highlights and links to additional resources. By Lori Halley

What Others Are Doing

  • The Three Gold Coins and the Christmas Kettle A real holiday story to warm the cockles of your heart takes place in Morris, Illinois.The story comes from the Morris Daily Herald. “A 10-year tradition was continued Monday when an anonymous donor dropped three solid gold coins into one of the Salvation Army’s collection buckets in Morris..." By Larry Kaplan
  • How Weinstein Hospice Uses Smart Segmentation to Identify Key Donors When it comes to fundraising, having the right information about your donors is critical. How much time do you spend prospecting for donors? By Brooke McMillan
  • Facing Financial Pressure, Old South Church Sells a Book Needing to put itself on a stronger financial path, the Old South Church in Boston’s Copley Square decided a year ago to divest itself of non-producing assets, and this week learned that the sale of an old book—but not just any old book—will bring it more than $13 million. By

Fundraising Planning

  • Do You Retain Donors or Do You Renew Donors? Maybe the BEST idea I heard all year? It emerged from Penny Harris, principal at Renewable Philanthropy. Penny wishes fundraisers would STOP altogether using the word “retention.” By Tom Ahern
  • Before you finish your 2014 fundraising plan You’ve set your fundraising goals for next year. But before you add the finishing touches to your plan, there are some questions you need to answer. By Sandy Rees
  • Why We Don’t Trust Data Angie Moore notes that a good many fundraisers deny themselves the benefits of predictive modeling simply because, just like the weather forecast, they don’t understand what’s behind it. By Roger Craver

Fundraising Tactics

  • The Ideal Appeal Letter Begins With You Your mailbox fills up with appeal letters from groups you support (and some you don’t). But did any of them look like this? Next Step filled their letter to my wife Rona with signs they care about her. Calling her by name.  I’m amazed how many groups still use the salutation “Dear Friend.” By Dennis Fischman
  • There’s Still Big Money on the Table for This Year-End There is one step, and one step only, that can make the largest difference in your year-end fundraising results. A huge amount of annual fund money may still be hanging in the balance. Have your LARGEST DONORS renewed their gifts yet? By Gail Perry
  • What ‘No’ Means for Fundraisers Here’s what “No” really means from your donor: I’m too busy - You haven’t prepared me for this conversation, or I’m not ready to make this level of commitment - I don’t trust you...By Beth Ann Locke
  • It’s Not All About Major Gifts: 10 Ways to Succeed With Small-Gift Fundraising You should not eschew small-gift fundraising, even if the lion’s share of your funding comes from major donors. So let’s take a mini-break from thinking about major-gift fundraising (of which I’m a huge proponent). By Claire Axelrad
  • 10 Rules of Events Fundraising Here are 10 rules to help you make the most of your special event. 1. Ask if your organization is really ready for events. 2. Set goals. 3. Don't lose sight of your mission and message...By NCFY

Online / Technology

Leadership / News / Other

  • Black, White, or Gray: How are Your Fundraising Ethics? Have you ever been in a situation that didn’t feel quite right? Or, where you weren’t sure what to do? We all have, and it’s probably because some ethical dilemma was taking place. By Amy Eisenstein
  • Santa Claus gets poor rating from Charity Watchdog The largest charity scoring service in the US has given Santa Claus a poor rating. The jolly old elf received a zero star rating from Charity Watchdog Trust – the lowest rating possible. By John Suart
  • Does Philanthropy Really Need Reinventing? “[P]hilanthropy is broken, and almost everyone knows it.” So says Eric Friedman in his book Reinventing Philanthropy: A Framework For More Effective Giving. I admit I was surprised to hear this. I’ve been working in the philanthropic sector since 1975. By Simone Joyaux
  • [INFOGRAPHIC] The Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector A couple of weeks ago, I came across this superb infographic regarding the economic impact of the nonprofit sector. This was striking to me because I personally had tried to assemble similar data on numerous occasions over the last 30 years. By Jay Love
  • Show Volunteers How They’ve Made a Difference A new report indicates that most volunteers simply want to be thanked and shown the impact of their efforts. By Lori Halley