Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!

Awareness / Communications

  • Donation Page Do’s and Don’ts Did your year-end fundraising campaign planning include looking at your donation form or donate button? By Lori Halley
  • Draw Me a Story: A Recipe for Effective Infographics Any marketer worth her salt can tell you a powerful infographic is social media solid gold. But what is it that compels people to share, like, or tweet? Or to write a check or take action? By Nicole Lampe
  • Your real nonprofit brand: What donors experience Is your organization hoping to turn everything around with amazing new brand standards? You're going to be disappointed. The only way to really improve your brand is to improve your donors' experience. By Jeff Brooks
  • What Warren Buffet Can Teach Us About Annual Reports Why did Warren Buffett pounce on IBM? Because IBM sent him a copy of its printed annual report. That’s right: the third richest person on earth rummages through his mail, looking for things of interest.Mr. Buffett took the annual report home, for a closer look. What was he looking for? By Tom Ahern
  • Successful Nonprofit Storytelling: Stay Humble Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation. As a program officer preparing a presentation for our board, I search for one answer:  “What is the common thread in the successful video nonprofit storytelling projects this board has funded?” By Nancy Schwartz

Fundraising Planning

  • 7 Things You Need to Know About 2013 Online Donors Could 2013 be the Year of the Internet Donor? We all know that Internet giving is expanding rapidly. Here’s what you need to know about your online donors – and what you can do about it NOW! By Gail Perry
  • Size matters. But don’t be too rough on the big guys. Do you work in a smaller nonprofit? So you probably can’t turn to a well-oiled fundraising machine to coordinate complicated campaigns that cross multiple channels. By Mary Cahalane
  • What Jobs Do Your Donors Want Done? In the commercial world about 95% of all new products fail. It’s not much different in the nonprofit sector when it comes to direct response tests aimed at beating the control. By Roger Craver
  • How Does Your Garden Grow? ‘As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than the destination.’ One of the most shameful statistics of 2013 came out of the AFP Fundraising Effectiveness report that concluded that overall donor retention was now only 39% in the USA! By Tony Elischer
  • How To Draft Your Grant Writing Dream Team With fantasy football teams and leagues winding down for the year, it dawned on me that putting your grant writing team together can be a bit like drafting a fantasy football team. By Diane Leonard

Fundraising Tactics

  • How Do You Get Monthly Donors? With Direct Mail Apparently, many fundraisers don't equate direct mail with monthly giving. But Erica Waasdorp, author of "Monthly Giving. The Sleeping Giant" and President of A Direct Solution, begs to differ. By Joanne Fritz
  • Follow-up Is Key To Year End Fundraising Strategy I imagine many of you have sent out your year-end appeal within the last few weeks. Are the donations pouring in yet? No? Don’t worry, it’s not time to hit the panic button. Instead, make sure that follow-up is a key part of your year-end strategy. By Ann Green
  • Nine simple words to boost your end-of-year appeals In Content Marketing for Nonprofits, nonprofit strategist Kivi Leroux Miller mentions a study by Jen Shang. Shang researched philanthropic behavior and uncovered nine adjectives Americans use to define a good person. By John Haydon
  • Year-End Giving Trends: 2013 Charity Navigator Poll Results Charity Navigator recently invited donors and charities to take part in a poll about their year-end giving plans and expectations for 2013. 274 donors and 22 charities completed the survey. Here is a look at the results. By Charity Navigator
  • Bang or Bust: How will your fundraising end this year? Fundraisers: You have four weeks to reach your fundraising goals, meet membership objectives, and secure financial commitments for next year. Now, before you go running through the office screaming the sky is falling, let me share with you some good news. By Sandy Rees

Online / Technology

  • Raise Your Professional Profile With LinkedIn Groups Nonprofit professionals certainly see LinkedIn as a powerful new tool in both making connections with others who work in the sector, as well as with current and potential donors (yes, it’s a great research tool as well!). By Brendan Kinney
  • Nonprofits on Twitter: Poor and powerful tweets Hardly anyone raises funds on Twitter. Maybe that's okay; maybe Twitter just isn't a fundraising medium. But I have to wonder when I look at what nonprofit organizations do on Twitter: Maybe the reason it's not working is the way it's being used. By Jeff Brooks
  • Engage, Inform, Recruit: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Recruit Donors and Volunteers How can a nonprofit use social media to inspire donations and grow its volunteer base? Engagement Marketing, when done well, can become the single best source of new members, volunteers, or donors for any nonprofit organization. By Alec Stern
  • 50 Ways to Build Traffic Some of us have websites and most of us are connected with an organization that does. And that cause’s site deserves more eyeballs, which can lead to more good things happening. Just as everyone in a nonprofit is a fundraiser, no matter what our job is, we should also all be marketers. By Tom Peterson
  • ALT Tags and Humor = A Great Email I received another email from (former coaching client) Children of the Nations yesterday that impressed me so much that I wanted to share it with you. By Kivi Leroux Miller

Leadership / News

  • How Should Nonprofits Face The Competition (i.e. Each Other)? In August, the New York Times ran an opinion piece by bio-ethicist Peter Singer which basically stated that people should give their money to health-oriented causes rather than cultural causes like art museums, symphonies, or operas. What a shame. By Richard Freedlund
  • Gifts to charity differ by regions in US When it comes to charitable giving, America is a world-beater. According to Giving USA, an annual compendium of national data on philanthropy, Americans last year donated more than $316 billion to charity, or roughly 2 percent of GDP. By Jeff Jacoby
  • Philanthropy Predictions 2014 My annual Blueprint forecast for philanthropy is now available online; it offers up lists of buzzwords, wildcards, and predictions, and identifies big shifts that will matter in 2014. Here’s a sneak preview of the predictions I’m making for the next 12 months. By Lucy Bernholz
  • #GivingTuesday Lights Up Generosity (and Time Square)! On Tuesday,Dec.3rd,  the GivingTuesday logo was blazing in neon on Times Square.  The hashtag, #GivingTuesday, was trending on Twitter.  As some nonprofit insiders complained, #GivingTuesday is making too much noise. By Beth Kanter