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Online Strategies

  • This article is geared towards the business market, but I think you’ll find what they have to say about common snafus in social media marketing helpful.
  • It’s hard to keep up with all of the changes that Facebook regularly makes, so it’s nice to have a review of how things stand now from Beth Kanter (who first introduced me to the wonders of online strategies when she spoke in Louisville a few years ago).  Another Facebook related post is John Haydon’s ‘Facebook Ladder of Engagement.’
  • Raising money via email?  Check out this article about Obama’s email strategy (and if you want a laugh you can read through the comments on the article – something about having a tin foil hat on)
  • Do you know what your online donors want?  Gail Perry lists seven things in this blog post.
  • Thinking about running a virtual campaign?  Here are some tips from the Alzheimer’s Association based on their experience.

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