Here are last week's headlines with news, tips, and ideas you can use to improve your nonprofit.


  • When you're just getting started with a fundraising auction, here are some great first steps.
  • Did You Make Them Feel Good? That's the main question to ask about your fundraising, as posed by The Agitator. Fundraising that doesn't do well, usually fails because it's not about the donor.
  • Affluent young donors say they are more focused than their parents and grandparents on producing a measurable impact with their giving, according to a study released today.


  • Here’s the story of an organization that landed on one of the most surprising - and creative - choices of messengers that I’ve ever encountered. And it led to the mostly unlikely (and successful) of partnerships.
  • Is your story deadly - or wow? Here are 4 steps to help you make the transition.
  • We all have too much to do, so here are 9 ways to save a little time as you work on your e-newsletters and Facebook.


  •  With all the advice about how to engage on Facebook, maybe we've undervalued one of the easiest ways to do so.
  • Here are some thoughts about the process of Content Strategy, Creation, Organization, and Measurement.
  • Make your organization's information more digestible: 5 tips to create powerful infographics.


  • Learn the 3 Ways CEOs and Boards Can Hire Fundraising Professionals Worth Keeping.
  • Nonprofit Law Blog: Applying for Tax-Exemption Retroactive to the Date of Formation.
  • Organizations around the world have begun to see collective impact as a new and more effective process for social change. Read about the benefits of organizations working together.
  • Terry Axelrod, founder of the Benevon Model, has some common sense advice to give charities about their boards.
  • Why are organizational leaders so dissatisfied with their fundraising leader – and vice versa? (And why is this mutual disregard even stronger among organizations with budgets under $1 million?) More importantly, what can we do to fix this crisis in fundraising leadership?

Nonprofit News

  • Donor-Advised Funds Soared at 2012’s Close. Amidst all the uncertainty around the fate of the charitable deduction, marginal tax rates, and capital gains taxes, something happened with the major national donor-advised fund (DAF) managers.
  • With Lessons for U.S., U.K. Report Eyes Nonprofit Sector Autonomy. Does government or corporate money make charities reluctant to speak out and advocate? That’s the concern in the U.K.
  • Giving in 2013 is expected to rise only 1.6 percent from last year, according to a new report, making it one of the worst fundraising years in five decades.
  • Data scientists and information economists are beginning to pair with social innovators to understand the dynamics of interventions. Read about how they separate what works from what doesn’t.