Here are last week's headlines with news, tips, and ideas you can use to improve your nonprofit.



  • A Team Approach to Fundraising « Exceptional Boards. "40 percent of CEOs report that their board is reluctant to actively engage in fundraising. And, if you’re a development director reporting to a chief executive or working with a board that hates to fundraise, the options are quite limited: 1) Stay in the position and risk being blamed for poor fundraising results, or 2) Leave. No surprise... many development directors are opting for the latter."
  • Study Reveals Vicious Cycle of Fundraising Failure. "Nonprofit fundraising is in a vicious cycle, according to a new national study. The problems this study pinpoints have to do with the churn among development staff; the deficit of qualified candidates for development positions; and the lack of fundraising infrastructure in many nonprofit organizations."