Here are last week’s headlines with news, tips, and ideas you can use to improve your nonprofit.


  • A zoo was at risk of closing. Within 11 months they raised the full amount needed. Learn how they did it.
  • Free resources for those supporting fundraising.  Read through letter samples, white papers, best practices, job board and more.
  • You know how hard it is to get people’s attention! Here’s how you do it in our media environment today – with surprise and delight.
  • From the ClickZ Advanced Email Marketing blog, here are some brain-science-based ways to create better subject lines.
  • Who are your donors? If you want to be successful at Major Gifts fundraising, a crucial step is to identify who you will ask.


  • Even for a charity, there's no such thing as a free lunch. At least, not without some reciprocity.
  • Do you have unengaged board members? Read Katya's advice on some questions that need to be asked before deciding what to do.
  • What happens when the staff person or volunteer who’s been managing your online community leaves? Does your organization have a process in place for passing the social networking baton?

Online / Marketing

  • Take these 4 steps to make it easy to copy and paste your content for easy sharing.
  • Collecting email addresses and using them to mobilize your supporters is one of the simplest but most important tactics for online organizing. Look over these tips for how best to turn a list of e-mails into a powerful tool for activism.
  • If you are still struggling to find the right method for integrating your fundraising, keep it simple at first: take a common sense approach.
  • For many nonprofits, email is the bridge that Facebook fans walk across on their way to becoming a donor. This is why it’s critical to have a smart email marketing strategy in addition to a smart Facebook strategy. Here's how to connect Facebook supporters to your email list.

Nonprofit News

  • Throughout the week leading up to the NBA All-Star game, the NBA and its partners engaged in thousands of hours of community service projects in the Houston area. Read what NBA’s senior vice president of community relations, Todd Jacobson, has to say about social responsibility.
  • For the first time, those taking the Buffett-Gates "Giving Pledge" come from outside America, according to the announcement on February 19th. The total number of billionaires pledging to give away at least half their wealth by the end of their lives now stands at 102.
  • In the aftermath of the US housing crisis, Habitat for Humanity is working to build not just affordable homes, but affordable communities. Click here to learn how.