Struggling to get your board engaged in fundraising? Need a little inspiration? This week's video from Movie Monday's covers some tips - straight from a board member, the CEO and Development Director from Westside Baby.

From Movie Mondays:

Do you work with a board like this? 

At Westside Baby, the board is highly engaged and truly excited to fundraise.  Yes, the words “board”, “excited”, and “fundraise” all in the same sentence.  It didn’t start out like that.  The board was nervous and very uncomfortable when it came to fundraising.

This week’s video is a mini case study on how the board, the executive director, and the development director all work together to grow the fundraising at Westside Baby.  If fact, you’ll get to meet a board member (Rachelle Nesta), the executive director (Nancy Woodland), and the development director (Sarah Couch).  They will walk you through the steps they took to transform the board into an excited group of people that not only likes to fundraise, but is motivated to go out and bring in new donors and make the ask.

The video is available through this link.