10 Videos to Kickstart Your Fundraising to the Next Level in the New Year!

These 10 videos will have you raising more money in 2020. Faster than you'd imagine. Even in the first three months!

Read on to find out how to take your fundraising program to the next level of Excellence!

Start your 2020 fundraising off with a bang!

We've hand-selected these 10 videos to help boost your fundraising program in the new year. You'll find you're raising more money - even at the start of the year!

  • The first video, "How to Raise Money and Retain Your Donors with Your Nonprofit's Newsletter," will show you how to stop losing money on your newsletter. You'll turn your newsletter from an expense into something that raises money with each issue. In a way your donors will love and want to hear from you more often!
  • The second video, "3 Secrets to Raising Major Gifts You Can't Survive Without" will help you get in front of your most generous prospects. You'll find out how to get the meeting - and how to get the gifts. This one video alone can kick off your new year and have you generating more money than you thought possible.
  • The third video, "The Neglected Middle Child - The Key to Inspiring & Engaging Your Mid-Level Donors," will help you figure out how to generate more money from donors most nonprofits neglect. You'll learn the counterintuitive, hybrid approach needed to maximize revenue growth in this segment. These donors are already telling you they're interested - but now you'll see the cues and be able to respond. 
  • The fourth video, "How to Turn Small Donors into Monthly Donors to Generate Ongoing Revenue for Your Nonprofit," will show you how to launch a monthly giving program. You'll learn how to identify your perfect prospects, solicit them, and keep them loving hearing from you. Monthly giving smooths out the cashflow and helps donors give more than they'd give one time. 
  • The fifth video, "An Introduction to Donor Data Segmentation," will help you stop losing donors and money. You'll learn why sending the same message to all donors is hurting your fundraising. And you'll get the simple, four ways to segment your messages to grow even casual donors to committed donors.
  • The sixth video, "Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side of Grant Seeking," will give you the secret, inside knowledge to getting grants. You'll learn from a former foundation employee the top reasons proposals are rejected. And you'll learn how to raise more money in your grant efforts. 
  • The seventh video, "Special Events 101," will help you get the absolute most from your fundraising events. You'll learn why you might be using the wrong type of fundraising event. You'll discover how to choose the right event chairs and committee members. You'll be able to harness your volunteers' enthusiasm into donations for your nonprofit!
  • The eighth video, "Prospect Research for the Small Shop," will help you use the powerful tool of donor research - even if you don't have a budget for it. You'll learn which of your donors to focus on. And how to ask them in ways that they say are important to them. Most importantly, you'll learn the 6 research-based predictive markers that show you who to ask for the largest gifts. 
  • The ninth video, "Fresh I.D.E.A.S. for Diversifying Your Donor Base," will help you find those new donors you now are out there. You'll discover how you may be miscommunicating with 30% of the people who might want to give to your nonprofit. And you'll learn how to fully fund your nonprofit despite constantly changing demographics and generations.
  • The tenth video, "Media Relations for Nonprofits: New Approaches for the Digital Era," will help you harness the power of local newspapers, radio, and TV - without having to buy advertising. An experience journalist will teach you how to establish your expertise and credibility so that reporters are calling you...and encouraging their views to donate to you!

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  • Bonus 1 - The first free bonus video, called "Advanced Storytelling: Transform Boring Stories into Brilliant, Action-Causing Stories," will cut through your current stories and help you tell stories that inspire donors to action.. If you're tired of people loving learning about you but not ever moving to donate money to you, you'll love this session.
  • Bonus 2 - The second free bonus video, "How to Create a Fundraising 'Offer' - Your Hidden Secret Weapon," will show you why your fundraising letters aren't working.. You'll discover the mistakes with your current writing.. And you'll see how to share your work in a way that causes donors to get out their checkbooks and send you money.

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