Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


  • Is Your Association’s Renewal Cycle Impacting Growth? Did you know that your association’s choice of renewal cycle might impact increases in membership or your renewal rates? By Lori Halley
  • An endearing appeal from a novice Sometimes we work so hard at getting it all right. We labor over each appeal, sure it will be “the one”. And sometimes a complete novice gets an awful lot right. By being sincere. By Mary Cahalane
  • 5 Things Not to Do at Your Next Major Gift Solicitation Here are 5 things you definitely want to avoid on your next major gift solicitation visit! By Marc A. Pitman
  • Giving in the name of… Last week, a friend of mine queued for more than one hour to get me a surprising present: a soft drink! Since then, I’ve been thinking how this could be an inspiring idea for us fundraisers. By Patrice Simonnet
  • How Much Money Can You Really Raise? 5 Ways to Tell I had dinner with a fabulous group of executive directors last week. Their burning question was: “How much can we really raise?” They wanted a fundraising reality check. They didn’t know what kind of expectations they should have for fundraising. It’s an interesting question. What’s YOUR fundraising potential? By Gail Perry


  • How to get your message out  In addition to your outreach via email marketing or direct mail, it’s equally important to ensure your cause is well-represented through press outreach, social media, and search. By Caryn Stein
  • What does mobile mean for your organization? Are all of the posts and articles about “going mobile” and having a mobile strategy making you manic? While we’ve all come to terms with the fact that we live in a mobile world, what does it really mean for small nonprofits and membership organizations? By Lori Halley
  • Tweeting to Raise Awareness In the age of social media, anything we say can be transferred across the globe in a matter of seconds. Nonprofit organizations on Twitter are able to leverage this tool and do a lot of good with it. By Shane Jones
  • Three Ways to Humanize Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Outreach Social media is a fantastic tool to make your presence known online. Many nonprofits are using it to promote themselves, but often in the wrong ways, said Peter Panepento, assistant managing editor at The Chronicle of Philanthropy. By Melissa Raimondi
  • How to use Facebook to build your email list Any organization serious about growing its email list eventually asks: “What’s a more effective place to acquire emails, Facebook or my website?” By John Haydon


  • Waving the White Flag – Avoiding Work Burnout No one on their Death Bed ever says, “I wish I had spent more time at work.” So why is it that we push ourselves beyond the acceptable workload? By Tara Collins via Kivi Leroux Miller
  • Shake Up Your Board Meeting  The board meeting. Members secretly check their email on tablets while pretending to review documents.The most important casualty of boredom is not the time that board members spend at meetings. Unexciting board meetings are deadly because they sap the vitality of the mission.By Curtis Chang
  • How to win the overhead battle Keeping overhead costs low has become a goal in itself for too many nonprofits. But let's put that aside and get down to brass tacks -- what can you do if your overhead isn't low? By guest blogger George Crankovic via Jeff Brooks