If yours is like many of the groups I’m working with, you’re really busy right now. There are events, special appeals and all sorts of other activities that are taking your attention. At times, you may feel a little like you’re jumping from activity to activity just trying to stay afloat.

None of us are as good at multitasking as we like to think we are. It’s in busy times that things are more likely to fall through the cracks and you’re more likely to make mistakes. It’s essential – especially during busy times – to take a step back, evaluate our priorities and make sure we’re focusing on the right things.

I encourage you, each day this week, to take a few minutes at the end of the day to evaluate what you got accomplished AND write down the top two or three priorities you want to get done the following day.

Good luck!

Here’s my most liked quote of the week (based on the number of likes on my personal Facebook page):

He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much. - Lao-tzu

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Small nonprofits have a unique set of challenges and require a special kind of creativity when fundraising. The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits focuses on these challenges in a powerful way.

"What do you get when eight big deal specialists set out to produce a standard reference especially for small nonprofits? This wonderful, urgently needed book. It’s a step-by-step manual of everything small shops really need to make fundraising work for them, flush with checklists, guidelines, and fill in the blank forms! Consider it a cure for false steps.”
Tom Ahern | Ahern Donor Communications

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Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please share this with others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!

Awareness / Communications

Fundraising Planning

  • Proper Data Migration: The Key To Fundraising Success Why is Proper Data Migration Overlooked? The reasons vary from nonprofit organization to organization. It’s not unusual to see one of the following... @Bloomerangtech
  • Fundraising Is Fundamental (If Not Always Fun) To scale up, a nonprofit organization of course needs money. There’s never enough of it. Despite its importance, though, the work of raising money is widely perceived as one of the least pleasant and most difficult aspects of nonprofit leadership. @SSIReview
  • Why is Fundraising More About Leadership Than About Skills? Fundraisers never lack for advice. One board member tells you that foundations should be giving you money, while another thinks we should talk to Bill Gates. The staff thinks you should raising money from corporations. And the friend you run into at the grocery store tells you to raise money via Twitter or on Kickstarter. @ANonprofits
  • Donors Have No Idea What You Do With Their Money How loyal is the average donor? Not very, it seems. “In many large national programs fueled by direct mail,” Mal Warwick observed in 2005, “no more than 25-35% of newly acquired donors ever give so much as a second gift.” And that was then. These numbers never go up; they always get worse. @BloomerangTech

Fundraising Tactics

What Others Are Doing

  • Two charities using Lego to get their message across Lego is a remarkably useful tool for people of all ages. British Heart Foundation and the British Red Cross have gone much further, and recently published two stop motion videos using Lego. @howardlake
  • Neverthirst & Iron Tribe Fitness Raise Over $200,000 Iron Tribe Fitness (ITF), a fitness franchise based in Birmingham, Alabama, has teamed up with Neverthirst. The quickly expanding franchise is just as mission-oriented about cultivating healthy and fit lifestyles as Neverthirst is about spreading the gospel through greater access to clean water. @causevox
  • Using Data to Overcome a Museum Membership Myth The Museum of Science and Industry's membership program had a large gap where very few people were contributing. It was simply understood that "Nobody gives between $250 and $1,000." After looking at past data and finding new ways to talk about membership, the museum was able to... @NTENorg
  • Client Spotlight: Niki Feezle Explosion of Hope Foundation The Foundation Group is extraordinarily blessed to work with a huge variety of incredible charities. Among those are our friends at the Niki Feezle C.F. Explosion of Hope Foundation. @foundationgroup

Online / Technology

  • Go for a Reaction — Strong Emotions Drive Online Video A session at the Greenpeace Digital Mobilisation Skillshare in Umbria, Italy, came together to look at what makes video work for activism and draw out lessons to support planning and ideas. @MobilisationLab
  • Remarkable Donate Pages I’ve just come upon 10 Great Nonprofit Donation Pages as picked by web design company Wired Impact. What strengths does Wired Impact point out? @AgitatorEditors
  • How To Write Emails That Get Results Productivity expert Merlin Mann has compiled a definitive how-to for writing sensible emails that get results. Some highlights: Make it easy to quote. @99u
  • Facebook's Latest News Feed Algorithm Update Rewards Brand Tagging With over a billion active users, most businesses accept, even if it's begrudgingly, that they should be on the selfie-laden network. But one question still remains for many marketers: How do I get people other than my mom to Like or Follow my Facebook Page? @hubspot
  • Test, Send, Adjust, Repeat In order to make sure that you get your message out effectively, you need to regularly check the data that shows what works, what messages did well, and where you can improve. Sometimes the answer isn't just one metric, but in a combination of metrics that you can find by testing your messages. @NTENorg

Leadership / Other

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