As I write this, I’m sitting in a house surrounded by boxes and furniture that’s not quite in the right place. So much to do and no idea of where to start. By the time you read this Tuesday morning, I’m hoping to have my office in the final stages of being reassembled. I’d forgotten how much work it is to move!

When everything is in disarray, it is often essential to get some distance so you can gain perspective. It is when we step away that we are better able to objectively prioritize the list of items that all seem urgent in the moment. For many of my clients, taking a three hour block of time to plan can provide that needed perspective. You can certainly do that on your own, but if you’d like someone to walk you through creating a fundraising plan or just prioritize what you’re working on, let me know. My new office number is 502-509-5004 (or you can just reply to this email).

Quote of the week: No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, sailed an uncharted ocean or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. - Helen Keller

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Membership in The Nonprofit Academy is an affordable way to get 12 months of training. In April we’ll be covering ways to grow your annual campaign and May is about generational differences. Plus, there are now options to add in consulting help from me as well.

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Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!

Awareness / Communications

Fundraising Planning

  • 5 Tips for Making Your Donors Love You Your donor has just sent in another gift! Hurray! So you reply with a wonderful, personal thank you note. And then you call her to say thanks. In addition to the paper letter that you send. Then what? @GailPerrync
  • Powering an Urgent Campaign with Deadlines Nonprofit development professionals are a lot like long-distance runners. They have to plan ahead, stay focused, and never give up. And even when you finish a long run (secure a big donation or complete a great campaign) you will be back to work tomorrow. @stayclassysd
  • Fundraising Lessons from a Con-Man What’s the difference between a fundraiser and a con-man? There could be a joke there, but I think I’d be asking for trouble, and anyway, I can’t think of a funny punch line.  It’s a bit close to the bone perhaps, given sensitivities about face to face, door to door and...@101fundraising
  • What “We Can’t Afford Fundraising Software” Really Costs You As I talk with hundreds of nonprofit organizations, I often hear “we just can’t afford a fundraising database right now. What we are using now isn’t costing us anything!” Have you ever made that statement… or thought it? @BloomerangTech
  • Prefundia predicts likely success of Kickstarter campaigns Prefundia is a new site that claims to be able to predict the success of upcoming product crowdfunding campaigns on and IndieGoGo. Here is’s view of the service. @howardlake


  • 5 New and Quirky Nonprofit Social-Media Tactics Everyone knows promoting your nonprofit’s events, services and fundraisers on social media is a good idea, but many don't know why, or more importantly, how, to do it. @Tech_Impact
  • Heartbleed, the Branding of a Bug, and the Internet of Things One week later, and the Heartbleed Bug news cycle is winding down without any known reports of catastrophic damage. A case of security wonks crying wolf? @HarvardBiz
  • Top 5 Instagram Best Practices for Nonprofits Owned by Facebook, Instagram is the largest mobile social network in the United States. With more than half its users outside the United States, Instagram is well-positioned to become more broadly used worldwide. The predominant age group of users is 18–29. @nonprofitorgs

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