Here’s a summary of recent articles and blogs related to fundraising and nonprofit organizations. As always, please forward this to others who might benefit from the information. Thanks again for reading!


  • Great Fundraising Video Tip Two: No One Operates in a Vacuum. Here’s the second tip in a four part series about ways to ensure great fundraising results. These tips are loosely based on the new report, Great Fundraising … by Kirsten Bullock
  • What's a major gift anyway? People often ask me how big a gift needs to be to be considered a "major gift." They expect to hear a big number—at least $100,000. In fact, they expect the number to be so large and out of reach that it lets them off the hook of ever starting a major gifts program at all ... via AFP
  • 3 Strategies To Encourage Donors to Submit Matching Gifts. Every nonprofit fundraiser should know about the power of matching gift programs as they’re one of the most prevalent types of corporate giving. But are you doing the most to maximize the number of incoming donations being matched? ... by Adam Weinger for 101fundraising
  • The Great Donor Retention Experiment. Do you know what your donor retention percentage is? Adrian Sargent says a simple 10% increase in your donor retention can DOUBLE the lifetime value of your donor database! With a ‘donor retention focus’ in mind … from Bloomerang
  • Rumors Of Direct Mail’s Death Greatly Exaggerated | The NonProfit Times. With the ever-growing popularity of e-mail and the Internet, it begs the question: Is direct mail dying? Based on information from Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the answer to that question is a resounding “no.” … via AFP


  • Top Indicators of Nonprofit Financial Health. In a world where the last two years have produced 90% of all data ever created (so says IBM), there is something to be said for avoiding information overload. This is especially true for nonprofit organizations whose leaders must constantly balance … by PKramer for NFF's Social Currency Blog
  • How Development and Finance Can Get Along (Really!) | npENGAGE: Most people understand that their Development and Finance Departments are both critical to the success of their nonprofit organization. Many people, however, tend to forget just exactly what their counterparts in “the other office” actually do day-to-day … via AFP
  • Understanding and Selecting Online Payment Systems. We've just developed a series of articles and resources to help you better understand and select an online payment service ... by Lori Halley with Wild Apricot Blog
  • The State of Small Nonprofits. To follow up on our recent post about small nonprofits, we’re taking a closer look at what the survey reveals about how small nonprofits are managing in the wake of … by AFrancis for NFF's Social Currency Blog


  • Match Your Messages & Your People. We’re long-time members of the local JCC. Our daughter was there for daily pre-K care but now we’re there mostly for the pool and gym rather than the Jewishly-oriented cultural and learning programs. There’s been a big change at the JCC over recent years … by Nancy Schwartz, Getting Attention Blog
  • Awareness survey reveals the painful truth: Nobody has ever heard of you. It's kind of discouraging. Recent polling of people's awareness of nonprofits by Grey Matter Research basically show that hardly anyone (including active donors) is aware of nonprofits at all… by Jeff Brooks with Future Fundraising Now
  • 5 ways to dominate Facebook’s new news feed. Great images boost your place in the news feed. Facebook launched an enhanced news feed that’s rolling out to all users in the next weeks on both mobile and the Web. The enhanced news feed now allows users to tailor and focus … by John Haydon for Socialbrite
  • The OTHER thing to never say on stage at a benefit auction. Back in 2009, I penned an article that got quite a bit of traction on both my blog and social media outlets.  It was called, “The one thing to never say on stage at a benefit auction.”  It’s time to revise.  I now have TWO things you should never say on stage … by Sherry Truhlar with Red Apple Auctions
  • 4 Mobile Design Strategies for Content-Heavy Websites. Niki Hammond Technical Project Manager MSDS You're redesigning your website. Of course you want it to look as good on a mobile device as it does on a large screen. But do you need an … by Annaliese with NTEN
  • Thanks—Make It Memorable & Meaningful. Wonderful hug-in-a-video created by ONE to thank volunteers during Volunteer Appreciation Week.  This fun but heartfelt four minutes quickly conveys how much the ONE folks value their volunteers…. By Nancy Schwartz with Getting Attention Blog