Here are last week’s headlines with news, tips, and ideas you can use to improve your nonprofit.


  • If your intent is to build relationships, what do you say to get that first visit? It can be tricky, at least in our minds. Read some conversation starters for cold calls.
  • It’s time to stop raising money for your annual fund. Yep, you read that right. The problem with an annual fund is that it’s all about you. Stop thinking about raising money to keep the lights on.
  • In the early 1980s, fundraising focused on volunteer groups, committees, local events, collections (street and door-to-door) and school fundraising. It was a great way to learn the true meaning of fundraising. Let's get back to our roots!
  • There’s a formula that works in direct response. It worked 60 years ago, and it still works today: 1. There is a big problem (insert your organization’s mission here) 2. We know how to solve the problem. 3. You can help solve the problem.
  • A shoe shiner at a hospital has given all his tips for over 30 years to the charity care fund at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh! In fundraising, it’s easy to get starstruck by expensive displays of wealth. Stories like this force us to remember what's at the heart of fundraising.

Online / Social Media

  • Integrating social media into your nonprofit’s event can help you engage with your organization’s audiences AND help get better results. Here’s a summary of tips, tools, examples and resources on how to do that.
  • Facebook just added threaded comments to page updates, which now lets people reply to specific comments within a page update. This means a richer discussion experience on your page. Watch this quick one-minute video, which explains how it’s done.
  • "Facebook is for engagement, not fundraising." In many ways, that statement is true. But Facebook is becoming much more of a fundraising tool, especially if you think of it as a funnel that guides potential donors to your website or donation page.


  • When’s the last time a board member said to you, “So, when can I start raising money?” If you’re like most nonprofits, your board members are less than enthusiastic about fulfilling their duties to raise money. Learn how to change that!
  • The nonprofit sector is known for being risk-averse, and that comes from a lack of resources. But it's time to move beyond that. There are many different forms of Nonprofit Fear.
  • Fundraising is a team sport and Planned Giving should be a team player. Whether you’re a devoted PG officer or a solo fundraiser occasionally talking to a PG prospect, you can support the bigger effort in several ways.
  • Fundraising and development professionals should tighten up their knowledge of laws affecting their work. Here are 6 fundraising legal tips.

Nonprofit News

  • M+R Strategic Services & NTEN just released their annual online benchmark study for nonprofits. What's going on with email, online advocacy and fundraising activity?
  • The Big Mac® Philanthropy Index will officially launch On April 8th.  Compiled by the London-based international consultancy The Management Centre and a 40 member team from a group of global charities, the new Index is designed to measure the relative philanthropy of countries around the world.
  • A study of more than 2,000 internet users who support causes was recently released. How is their giving is motivated by social media? Read the key findings.