blueprintSo far in this series, we’ve talked about what you need to know and what you should have in order to start moving forward in planning for your fundraising success. This week, I’ll quickly cover the three components of your fundraising plan.

If you’ve studied much marketing practice this is really going to sound familiar to you. Sometimes in the fundraising world we tend to shy away from anything that sounds too much like business or sales approaches, however there’s a lot of merit to taking a look at these three areas as you plan for your fundraising. They are: Market, Message and Media.

Market: This refers to the audience we’re trying to reach. More and more, we’re getting accustomed to messages that were crafted just for us – or just for our demographic. This means that if we try to do a vague message that’s targeted at everybody, we’ll end up reaching nobody. Because of this, we have to get really clear on who our market (or markets) are.

Message: Which brings us to our message. What is it that will most resonate with our market? If you’ve written many grant proposals, you know that to be successful you need to present the angle of your program that is most likely to be of interest to the funder. It doesn’t mean that we change the programs, it just means we focus on the aspects that are of interest. The same is true of any other correspondence that we put together. The message that we craft needs to resonate with the market we are focusing on.

Media: Once we’ve identified our market and out message we can select the media that will be best to transmit the message that will most likely be seen by our market. In too many cases, I’ve seen clients try to jump into tactics. If we’re not strategic in our approach, we can easily miss the target. The media could be social, it could be press releases, newsletters, advertising, etc.

Market, message and media. The three components of your fundraising plan. That by itself though is not quite enough though. On October 25th, I’ll be holding a webinar where I will review the fundraising funnel. It’s basically a framework to make building our fundraising plans easier. In fact, at the end of this session, it’s likely that you’ll be able to develop the skeleton of your fundraising plan!

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