Book: Simple Steps to Growing Your Donors

  • Have you ever wished that you could avoid (or at least minimize) challenges that you’re facing in developing a solid fundraising base or your organization?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been hitting your head against a brick wall when it comes to getting the first gift – or to engaging your board in the fundraising process?
  • Have you ever been concerned that people in your community just don’t ‘get’ what you do?

There is a better way. This book is a primer to help you overcome these – and many other – challenges. It offers practical advice, step-by-step processes, and insight in to the minds of your supporters and board members.

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webinarHow to Use the Fundraising Funnel to Maximize Your Fundraising

Prospect – Cultivate – Ask – Steward. It sounds simple, but many non-profits don’t effectively use this process to sustain and grow their donor base. During this webinar, join Joe Garecht from The Fundraising Authority to learn how your organization can move prospects through the donor funnel and create lifelong relationships with your donors.

Includes Webinar Replay, Downloadable MP3 and PDF 

Price: $47

 Fundraising Jumpstart Homestudy System

Would you like to see better results from your fundraising efforts?

  • Gifts trailing off?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • Overwhelmed by all of the information / trainings available?
  • Frustrated because everyone runs the other way when you try to talk about fundraising?

If your organization needs a fundraising makeover – or you need to build a sustainable fundraising program – now is the time!

This Fundraising Jump Start Home Study System is developed to help you raise the money you need. This is accomplished by walking you though, step-by-step, developing the promotional materials and plans you’ll need.

Payment Plans Available. Contact Kirsten ( for details.

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Price: $297

Stop Being the Best Kept Secret in Town

webinarOnline and in-person strategies for getting the word out, increasing your list size and growing friendships to benefit your cause.

  • Are you tired of being the ‘best kept secret’ in town?
  • Are you frustrated that people just don’t ‘get it’?
  • Do you know that you could have a bigger impact – if only more people were part of your nonprofit’s family?

It is possible to grow a larger – and more engaged – audience to help you advance your cause.

Includes Webinar Replay, Downloadable MP3 and PDF 

Price: $47

6 Figure Fundraising: How to Start and Run Your First $100,000 Campaign

webinarIf you’re like most people working with a small nonprofit, raising a big chunk of money for a special project, program, or piece of equipment can be a daunting challenge. You may be puzzled about where to start or how to do it. You’re probably scratching your head over who to approach and how to do it. And you’re probably wondering what to say to get someone to make a large donation to your organization. Join us for this interactive session to learn exactly what to do to create and run your first really big fundraising campaign. You’ll learn how to plan the campaign, the tools and materials you’ll need, and how to find the best people to ask for a gift. You’ll leave feeling hopeful and more confident about raising big money.

Includes Webinar Replay, Downloadable MP3 and PDF 

Price: $47