Amaryllis ('Naked Lady')

"Kirsten - you've got to come see this. There are naked ladies in the back yard!" my husband said.

As I had not yet taken a sip of my coffee, I wasn't sure that I head correctly, so I asked him to repeat himself. Surely I had misunderstood. I knew things were different in Louisville, but hadn't heard anything about a tradition like that! It was our first summer in Louisville and we were just getting to now the area - and the foliage.

As it turns out, he was referring to a flower - rather than a type of attire (of course - you've probably figured that out by now). But it caught my attention.

Businesses often use this strategy to gain our attention by providing something that interrupts our routine motions of going through a day. It's providing something that makes us realize that something is off - something is different. It could be the floral display on the top of a bus stop that I saw in Baltimore a few years ago - or the man dressed in a guerrilla suit standing outside a shop - or a man dressed in an orange and yellow clown outfit with large red shoes.

What are you doing to grab the attention of your not-yet donors? What can you do to break through the haze of all the thousands of marketing messages that people are hearing and seeing? Because it doesn't matter how good your organization is if no one actually notices it. The first step to receiving a gift is for a person to become aware that you even exist.