It's one thing for us to say what the top 10 trainings in The Nonprofit Academy are. But the real proof is in what NPA members are replaying.

Here are the top 10 most watched fundraising and leadership sessions in 2020. All these replays are accessible to NPA members. Those listed as "free" are open to non-members as well.

1. A New Normal - Cherian Koshy [FREE]

When the pandemic hit and the lockdowns happened in March 2020, Cherian Koshy came to NPA to share how the stock market, bond market, and real estate could have long-term impact on nonprofits for years to come. This was by far the most popular training. It was viewed ten times more than any other training in the NPA Vault!  [1.25 CFRE Credits]

The New Normal - fundraising in and after this covid-19 coronavirus with Cherian Koshy

2. What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know About The Brain - Jessica Sharp [FREE]

Recorded before the pandemic, people found solace and help in this session by Jessica Sharp. She teaches us what is happening to our brains - and the brains of our team members - under stress. And she gives strategies to help us build resiliency. No wonder this training was so popular! [1.25 CFRE Credits]

What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know About the Brain

3. The Asking Conversation - Andrea Kihlstedt

Have you ever wondered exactly what to say during a solicitation? Andrea Kihlstedt has an incredible framework to help you step-by-step. NPA members love how easy she makes this. And are surprised by how much listening they get to do in the process.

In person or on Zoom, this format just works!

The Asking Conversation - Andrea Kihlstedt

4. Alternatives To Your Canceled Fundraising Event - Samantha Swaim & Kristin Steele

The pandemic definitely threw a wrench in nonprofits' ability to host fundraising events and galas. But Swaim Strategies's Samantha Swaim and Kristin Steele were ready. They came to help NPA members pivot and still hit their fundraising goals. And often exceed them!
[1.25 CFRE Credits]

Alternatives to Your Canceled Fundraising Event - Kristin Steele Samantha Swaim

5. Bringing #DonorLove and Inspiration to Your Case for Support - Jen Love

When people start nonprofits, they often forget to talk to funders. But the only way nonprofits work is with donors. So Jen Love came to show NPA members how to communicate most effectively with these donors!
[1.25 CFRE Credits]

Image from Bringing #DonorLove to Your Case for Support

6. Emotionraising - Francesco Ambrogetti

One of the biggest mistakes well meaning nonprofit folks make is trying to "reason" people into giving. But that's not how the brain works. In this training, based on his excellent book, Francesco Ambrogetti shows us why emotions are important. And how to "astonish, disturb, seduce, and convince" the brain to support good causes. Causes like yours! [1.25 CFRE Credits]


7. How To Create A Fundraising “Offer” - Steven Screen

If there's a secret weapon in fundraising letters, it's how clearly you ask for money. In direct mail, this is called your "offer." Steven Screen teaches NPA members exactly how to create this. And why a technique that seemingly oversimplifies your nonprofit's work is really honoring to donors. And raises more for you cause than what you're currently doing!
[1.25 CFRE Credits]

How to Create a Fundraising Offer - Steven Screen

8. How to Raise Money and Retain Your Donors with Your Nonprofit's Newsletter - Steven Screen

As an industry, the nonprofit sector does an incredibly poor job thanking donors. In this session, Steven Screen shows NPA members how to plan a powerful donor newsletter. Nonprofits using this approach are finding their newsletters move from being budget expenses to actual revenue producers!
[1.25 CFRE Credits]

Donor Newsletters

9. Partnering with For-Profit Companies - Jamie K. Kitz

Fundraising from corporations is an important part of a nonprofit's fundraising mix. And Jamie K. Kitz knows how to do it well. In this session, she shares what she's learned from nearly two decades coordinating giving for a global corporation. The mindset is often quite different from other forms of fundraising. Here she shows NPA members how to start a program. And how to grow a corporate relationship. [1.25 CFRE Credits]

Partnering with For-Profit Companies - Jamie Kitz

10. New Ways to Crowdfund Your Way to Greater Giving - Anita Gallagher

Crowdfunding is a popular form of fundraising and community engagement for nonprofits. So global crowdfunding expert Anita Gallagher came to share what is working with large crowdfunding programs like Hispanics in Philanthropy's #HIPGives and #GivingTuesday. You'll find her "head, heart, or who?" framework works for your nonprofit, no matter the size! [1.25 CFRE Credits]

New Ways to Crowdfund - Anita Gallagher

These were the top 10 most watched trainings in 2020. Following these fresh strategies will help take every aspect of your fundraising and nonprofit leadership to new heights any year!


And if you watch them all, you'll earn 11.25 CFRE continuing education credits too!