No wonder silent auctions perform so poorly — misinformation runs rampant. Planners are given little to no training on how to properly run a silent auction.  Overwhelmed with the work of it all, they desperately mimic what other silent auctions are doing … but those auction planners weren’t trained either!  It’s a case of “the blind leading the blind.”  Progress is slow; frustrations run high.  Eventually, the auction is cancelled as the effort exceeds the money raised. In this one-hour interview, we’ll cover five practical “how-to” tips to transform your silent auction from poor to powerful. After her work as a benefit auctioneer landed her on TLC and E! Style cable shows within months of launching her company, Sherry Truhlar, CMP, BAS, CAI reconsidered her plans to return to her corporate event planning job in a General Electric cubicle. Now as an award-winning auctioneer, Sherry guides auction planners in how to properly run their school and nonprofit auctions for improved profitability.  Her approach is used for both silent auctions and live auctions to confidently deliver higher returns on donated merchandise.  Despite the recession, over 70% of her clients have had record-breaking auctions. Learn more at

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