Life in a nonprofit, whether a fundraising team, program team, or senior leadership team, rarely goes exactly as planned. The needs of those you are serving, or an unexpected request from a funding partner, or a shift in leadership at a collaborative partner agency can create an unexpected change. The teams that thrive despite these changes are those that have a process for how they adapt to emergent needs and also promote and encourage a mindset to handle change. This may sound like a soap box you have heard quite a bit throughout the pandemic, but it isn't ONLY a soap box. It is an approach in any team that can actually help you create twice the impact in half the time related to whatever the goal of your team is.

In "Prioritizing Responding to Change" you will learn the following:

  • What are the Agile values that help teams
  • Ways to prioritize your team's work
  • Methods to process and prioritize changes/interruptions
  • An approach to make your team's reactions and consequent reaction to change visible to your peers and stakeholders

Additional Resources for Prioritizing Responding to Change:

Download the slides: Prioritizing Responding to Change with Diane H Leonard (PDF)

Download the audio: Prioritizing Responding to Change with Diane Leonard (MP3)