Human beings have a strong tendency to make decisions based on the very first piece of information (the “anchor”) they encounter. Once the anchor is set, decisions are then made by adjusting around the initial anchor, regardless of what that anchor was. An understanding of how this works, and how you can embrace it in storytelling, is critical to non-profit fundraisers.

The Nonprofit Academy is an approved CFRE providerJoin Leah as she shows you examples of good and bad story anchors, and shares tips and tricks that ensure you’re matching the most effective anchor to your call to action.

You'll learn:

  • The latest research on the psychology of anchoring;
  • The anchoring that could be secretly sabotaging your current efforts;
  • How the order of gift amounts matter in your fundraising appeals; and
  • How seemingly random details can make your nonprofit's story "stick" in the mind of supporters!

Additional Materials for Anchoring

Download the audio: Anchoring: Making sure your story sticks (MP3)

Download the slides: Anchoring: Making sure your story sticks with donors (PDF)