It is time to chuck our typical annual plan strategies and shift to a new way of thinking. In these unprecedented CFRE Credittimes, nothing is the same. We all must adapt to a new normal at home and work. Nonprofit fundraisers should also adjust the way they plan to engage stakeholders to increase revenue, add new volunteers, and tell compelling stories that focus on mission and impact.

In this course, we will discuss annual giving best practices during our crisis. These includes incredible stewardship and online and digital fundraising. We will develop a 12-month, donor-focused comprehensive annual giving campaign with strategies for year-end giving.

Course objectives:

  • Develop a crisis impact assessment and identify the key metric driving your fundraising efforts
  • Rewrite and create compelling stories that focus on mission
  • Create doable online fundraising activities and events
  • Illustrate how to invest in authentic stewardship
  • Employ year-end strategies to recoup losses
  • Identify roles and responsibilities across staff, board, and volunteers.

Additional Resources for Adapting Your Development Plan to the New Normal

Download the slides: Adapting Your Development Plan for the New Normal-Christal Cherry (PDF)

Download the audio: Adapting Your Development Plan To The New Normal (MP3)