Today’s unique challenges for a nonprofit leader include the traditional ones of staff management, increasing boardCFRE Credit leadership, and strategic fundraising. In addition, COVID has presented new challenges, including keeping up office culture and morale when working remotely as well as the need to be super-creative around fundraising and donor relations.

Implementing atomic habits can help effectively address these challenges, as they are a proven framework of tiny changes that result in remarkable results. Based on insights from the bestselling book Atomic Habits by James Clear, this workshop will teach you practical strategies that you will be able to successfully implement within your organization.

You’ll leave being able to:

  • Understand the four laws of behavioral change
  • Implement the 4-step habit process
  • Apply the atomic habit framework to help achieve goals both for yourself as a nonprofit leader and within your overall organization

Additional Resources for Atomic Habits for Nonprofit Leaders with Christi O. Brown

Download the slides: Atomic Habits for Nonprofit Leaders - Christi Brown (PDF)

Download the audio: Atomic Habits for Nonprofit Leaders (MP3)