Is corporate philanthropy dead or dying? If so, how can we resurrect it?

Today’s economy is challenging for corporations, individuals and especially for nonprofits. If your organization has relied on corporate support in the past or is thinking about how to best approach businesses in a challenging economy, this session will be one you don’t want to miss. Based on research for a new book, this session discusses the challenges facing corporations today and how nonprofits can develop win-win situations to encourage corporate philanthropy. We discuss how to approach corporate leaders, how to motivate them to become involved in your organization, and how to develop a corporate appeal.
CFRE approved for 1.25 credits
Although corporations and businesses typically contribute just over 5 percent of all philanthropic dollars (over $18 Billion last year) in the United States, much more is given through gifts in kind, corporate sponsorships, and through the personal donations of individual corporate leaders. And, in a typical capital campaign, businesses often provide a much more significant percentage of the overall goal. However, many nonprofits fail to touch their local business community for a variety of reasons. Learn how to do it right, and raise your level of support from businesses.

You'll learn:

  • the ways corporations and businesses can get involved with your organization
  • the things corporations are looking for in a nonprofit organization
  • how to structure a corporate/business appeal using volunteers


A mailing to local Chamber members does not a Business Appeal make!

  • Why nonprofits fail at approaching their local business community

The fallacy of the Corporate/Foundation Relations Office

“Ask for money, and you’ll get advice, ask for advice and you’ll get money”

  • Identifying and cultivating your local business community
  • The Willie Sutton theory
  • Building networks
  • Cultivation activities

Organizing Your Annual Corporate/Business Appeal

  • Getting started
  • Building your program

Additional Materials for Raising More Money from Your Local Business Community

Download the audio: Raising More Money from Your Local Business Community

Download the slides: Raising More Money from Your Local Business Community (PDF)