In-person donor conversations have been the standard means to build a case for your nonprofit as long as people have been fundraising. As we've switched to a world of virtual communications it's easy to think that you have toCFRE Credit adapt the way you build a case for your organization too.

But do you? There's good news. While the format for your conversations may be different, the function of the conversation is the same: making sure someone understands the story of your organization and that they see themselves in it.

In this interactive session, join change communications expert and 20-year message strategist Tamsen Webster as she shows you how to use a simple tool for structuring both that core story and the donor conversation that drives the action you want and need.

As a result of this session you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the core elements of your core story and how they set you apart
  • Turn those elements into a simple framework for a conversation that makes the case for your and your organization
  • Adapt that framework to multiple audiences and applications

Additional Materials for Crafting Conversations with Donors:

Download the slides: Crafting Conversations With Donors - Tamsen Webster (PDF)

Download the audio: Crafting Conversations With Donors (MP3)

The link to the Conversational Case tool is .