Three reporters camped outside your office. Two more on the way. Another two, awaiting return phone calls. OneCFRE approved for 1.25 credits more, sitting in your office. "It" has hit the fan. And everyone is looking to you for answers. Sounds like a nightmare. But this one was real.

At some point in your nonprofit career, your organization will have to deal with a crisis communications situation. Whether you are answering reporters or answering donors, your response will play a big role in how your organization recovers.

Jeff Stanger walks you through the day he did eight interviews in a row for a crisis nobody in his organization saw coming.

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare (yourself and your team).
  • How to execute your plan.
  • How to take charge of the narrative.

Additional Resources for When "It" Hits the Fan:

Download the slides: Crisis Communication - Jeff Stanger (PDF)

Download the audio: Crisis Communication - Jeff Stanger (MP3)