Are you having a hard time keeping your chief fundraising staff? Does the position feel like a revolving door? And does it seem there aren't really any qualified people to take their place?

If so, you're not alone. The ground breaking "UnderDeveloped" study by CompassPoint proved that there really is a crisis in nonprofit leadership: particularly around fundraising. 25% of executive directors said they didn't know anything about fundraising; 20% said they didn't enjoy it at all. And 50% of development directors reported wanting to quit; 40% weren't even sure they should stay in fundraising.

Each of these nonprofits are at risk. Without a solid funding, they can't survive. And without stability in staffing, they can't keep relationships with donors.

CFRE Approved for 1.25 pointsBut there is help. In this session with fundraising and executive coach Marc A. Pitman, you'll learn:

  • What the UnderDeveloped study discovered - and how it can help you assess your own nonprofit
  • Simple things that can be done to improve executive directors' comfort with fundraising
  • A way to help development directors succeed - and share that success with the entire staff
  • And a tool used in executive recruiting that can be effectively used in hire a development director

Implement these and you find yourself moving through this storm with a poise and confidence that will surprise yourself and your board.

Additional Materials for The Current Crisis in Nonprofit Leadership

Download the audio: The Crisis in Nonprofit Leadership (MP3)

Download the slides: The Crisis in Nonprofit Leadership (PDF)