Intersectional. Diverse. Inclusive. Politically correct. Woke. There are many buzzwords to describe the ways that communication and media are evolving to reflect our changing population. But these are more than passing trends. What do these words mean for your nonprofit's brand, its community outreach, and its relations with donors?

CFRE approved for 1.25 creditsIn the moment, it may seem like we’re just choosing a pretty picture or catchy phrase. We may not realize until it's too late that the representation we created perpetuates a hardship that a marginalized community has faced or continues to face in society. It takes a conscious effort to achieve cultural competency. How can we prevent these oversights and become responsible arbitrators of our media?

In this session, we discuss:

  • The power communicators have to change the landscape of representation
  • Identifying your bias
  • Choosing images that celebrate all kinds of people
  • What to do if you’ve made a mistake

The demographics and culture of our population are changing rapidly. Understanding how and why to portray people of marginalized groups respectfully is crucial to the success of your nonprofit's brand. Let's do better together!

Additional Information for Cultural Competency

Download the slides: Cultural Competency Charrosé King & Anthony Flowe (PDF)

Download the audio: Cultural Competency with Charrosé King & Anthony Flowe (MP3)

The website of the author of "White Fragility" that Charrosé King mentioned is