1.25 CFRE creditsIn the session “Data, Curiosity, Creativity: Building the Bridge," Erin Troia gave us a sweeping overview of the important data to be collecting. And how to evaluate what data really is needed for our nonprofit.

In this "deep dive" webinar, she will walk us through each of her most trusted metrics. Together we will work through exactly how to:

  • Choose and define tracking mechanisms
  • Extract data from your system
  • Set up tracking charts
  • Maintain and measure

You will leave the conversation with REAL tools for data tracking to improve your organization's performance and enhance the donor experience. Join us to take the next step in analytics for YOUR organization.

Additional Materials for Data Analysis Deep Dive

Download the audio: Taking the Plunge- Data Analysis Deep Dive (MP3)

Download the slides: Data Analysis Deep Dive (PDF)