Do you communicate to everyone in your database the same way? CFRE approved for 1.25 creditsYou can't craft a compelling message or story if you don't know who you're talking to. Effective storytelling starts with matching your message to your audience. When we don't segment our messaging, we set ourselves up for failure. In this webinar, Steven Shattuck - Chief Engagement Officer at Bloomerang - shares some of his favorite strategies for segmenting your donors and other constituents in your database. You'll learn:

  • 4 basic ways to segment your donors.
  • How to get off the donor acquisition treadmill
  • How to improve your donor retention rates
  • One of Steven's favorite ways to segment donors - one that has the potential to turn casual donors into major donors.

Additional Materials for Donor Segmentation with Steven Shattuck:

Download the slides: An Introduction to Donor Data Segmentation (PDF)

Download the audio: An Introduction to Donor Data Segmentation (MP3)