Have you ever wondered how your donors actually feel about you? Are you ready to find out?

CFRE CreditWorld-renowned donor retention expert, Dr. Adrian Sargeant, tells us that strategically crafted donor surveys can help organizations measure satisfaction, trust, commitment, and even intimacy among their donors.

Why does this matter?

If your organization isn’t perceived as being trustworthy, or if your donors aren’t feeling committed, satisfied, or close to your organization, do you think they are likely to give again? Probably not.

Wouldn’t you like to know where you stand?

Bloomerang's Jessica Hartnagle shows you how. She unpacks Dr. Sargeant research. With questions based on science (not opinion), donor surveys can diagnose areas that are keeping your organization from having the strongest relationships possible with your donors. They will also identify what you are doing right, so you can continue doing what you do well!

After this training, you'll be able to: