Build a Great Case for Support with Your Donors at the Center!

At the heart of every fundraising story is a case for support. In this session, you'll learn a simple but effective framework to improve your case for support right now. You'll also see how you can bring the core of your case to life in your annual, mid-level, major and legacy fundraising programs. You'll see case studies in action from all around the world. And you'll learn how to bring strong strategy and brilliant storytelling together to create a case that you will be proud of... and will help you raise more money!

What you’ll learn:

  • See how defining (and redefining) your case is an ongoing and inspiring process
  • Have great strategies and case studies you can build on and steal from
  • Be a more comfortable and confident storyteller by seeing how you can tell stories that connect with your donors' values and emotions
  • Be able to create a plan so that the work you do for your case can resonate in different areas of your fundraising program

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