CFRE approved for 1.25 creditsAnyone who has written a grant knows that familiar feeling of dread. Unfortunately, it will always be a mandatory means to an end, which is ultimately to secure grant funding. However, you can flip the script and make it an enjoyable process!

Grant writing is your opportunity to tell your organization’s story in a manner that effectively moves, inspires, and ultimately allows the grant reviewer to emotionally connect and invest in your organization. This session demonstrates how to use the five parts of a story arc and blend them with statistics when writing a grant proposal.

In this session. you'll learn:

  • the Five Stages of Story and how to use each stage in telling your nonprofit's story
  • to recognize the 2 critical components when writing a grant proposal
  • to determine which stage of the story best answers each grant proposal question
  • when to use statistics when answering grant proposal questions

All this and you'll be able to do it while maintaining your flow in grant writing

After this session, you'll be able to tell your organization’s story effectively and enhance your organization’s overall message through grant writing.

More materials for Engaging Granters Through Storytelling

Download the audio: Engaging Granters Through Storytelling and Statistics (MP3)

Download the slides: Engaging Granters (PDF)

Download the "Job Path's Story" handout: Engaging Granters - Job Path's Story (PDF)