Demonstrating Impact Through Ethical Storytelling

We know that storytelling is essential to effective fundraising, but what is often not discussed is how to tell stories—especially about the people we serve—ethically.

Stories about people are never just content, they are pieces of human lives! The people you serve are the heroes of their own stories and have their own voices, experiences, and opinions to share. It is essential that nonprofits dedicate adequate time and resources to ethical storytelling and partner with story subjects throughout the process.

During this webinar with Fee Freeman, you will learn the foundations of ethical, strengths-based storytelling as well as practical strategies for collecting uplifting, outcome-oriented stories that uphold the dignity of your clients, celebrate their strength, and move donors to action!

This webinar will help your nonprofit move from “pulling on donor heartstrings” to guiding donors to see themselves in the people their donations support.

Key Take Aways

  • Nothing About Us Without Us! Ethical storytelling means involving the story subject in every step of the process—from ensuring informed consent, to final sign off and review of the story.
  • Ethical stories include client voice—first person stories and direct quotes help to ensure the story subject’s voice is heard!
  • Empathy is key—we should always tell others’ stories in the same way we would want our story to be told.
  • The people you serve are the heroes of their own stories. Your organization and your donors are the supporting cast members assisting the story subject on their journey.

Additional Resources for Ethical Storytelling:

Download the slides: Ethical Storytelling - Fee Freeman (PDF)

Download the audio: Ethical Storytelling - Fee Freeman (MP3)