Whether you are first getting started with federal grants, or you have a few federal grant submissions (and maybeCFRE Credit even awards!) under your belt, you may feel the pressure of the highly competitive process. The dollars at stake are huge and so are the impacts on your organization. In this session, we’ll discuss ten of the most common mistakes well-intentioned grant-seeking organizations make when applying for federal grants and how to avoid them.

Through your active participation in this session, you will increase your knowledge and understanding of how to:

  • Identify forecasted/anticipated federal grant opportunities;
  • Engage your collaborative partners in the process;
  • Provide SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) objectives; and
  • Assess the likelihood of your organization's competitiveness for each potential application you consider submitting.

Additional Resources for Taking the Stress Out of Federal Grants:

Download the slides: Taking Stress Out of Federal Grants (PDF)

Download the audio: Taking Stress Out of Federal Grants (MP3)