CFRE CreditLousy board members - like lousy staff - harm your nonprofit. But firing can be difficult and scary. Can you even fire volunteers?
And, oh my gosh, what if it's your fault that firing even might have to happen?

Join internationally acclaimed board expert Simone Joyaux to explore these ideas. In this thought provoking training, Simone will show you

  • how to fire your bad board members
  • how to know when your board members are bad simply because you haven’t been helping them
  • and tips on changing your own governance practices so board members know what is expected of them.

    She gives questions to ask, pointers for having difficult conversations, and ideas for handling good and bad board members. You don’t want to miss this training!

    Additional Materials for Firing Lousy Board Members

    Download the audio here: Firing Lousy Board Members MP3

    Download the slides here: Firing Lousy Board Members Slides

    Download the additional handout that at: Firing Lousy Board Members Advanced Handout