Does the success of your fundraising event seem to be dictated more by the quality of your auction than by theCFRE Credit importance of the cause itself?

If your event hinges on the auction – whether it is the mix of items, or who shows up that year, or even the weather, that needs to change. And if you yearn to see the day when your donors care more about supporting the live appeal than just buying stuff, then this session is for you!

Amy Lazoff is a seasoned fundraiser who knows how to raise millions of dollars for nonprofits. She'll share the steps she took to move some of her nonprofit's biggest donors from mere auction bidders to full-on appeal leaders, raising more money and deepening relationships in the process.

In this session, you'll:

  • Learn a system for pre-event prep for your Board of Directors
  • Appreciate the ways you can shape your event's program and flow
  • Discover the power of using pre-commitments to generate excitement and revenue
  • and find a strategy for doing this sustainably year-after-year!

Additional Resources for Paddles Up!

Download the slides: Paddles Up! Moving Donors from Bidding to Giving - Amy Lazoff (PDF)

Download the audio: Paddles Up! Moving Your Donors from Bidding to Giving - Amy Lazoff (MP3)

Appeal Spreadsheet: Appeal Budget