Setting a budget for fundraising can seem impossible. There are so many options to spend on. A lot of times, budgets are built on a wish and a prayer.

It doesn't have to be that way.CFRE Credit

In this training, fundraising expert Cherian Koshy walks you through how to build a budget tailored made for your fundraising shop. He'll show you how to identify the expenses and revenues and compare them with sector benchmarks. You'll even get access to a template to help you build your next budget.

Given the last few years, he'll show how to best budget during times of uncertainty. And how to communicate your budget with your leadership, whether that's an executive director or board member.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to use the data you have to be able to budget effectively (or get the data you need!)
  • Practice building a sample budget using a template (provided!)
  • Discover how to stress test your budget
  • Learn how to gain support for your budget with staff and board leadership

Additional Resources for How To Create a Fundraising Budget

Download the slides: How to Create a Fundraising Budget - Cherian Koshy (PDF)

Download the audio: How to Create a Fundraising Budget - Cherian Koshy (MP3)

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