In this session we’ll dig deep into creating an overall, documented fundraising plan that drives revenue, deepens relationships, heightens accountability, and gets results. You’ll be introduced to the Money-Raising, Donor-Loving, Systems-Thinking Approach to Fundraising Planning

Having a budget or a fundraising goal isn’t enough to ensure the job gets done. A documented fundraising plan is the key to tackling all of your fundraising goals – and, indeed, your nonprofit’s work. A written plan charts the path forward, establishes critical timelines, and creates an accountability for you as the fundraiser, your team, and your responsibility to the whole organization.

Using the lens of a Systems Thinking approach, we will dig deep into the elements of fundraising planning. You’ll learn how to do develop the plan in relation to your organizational budget and needs. And you’ll discover how to develop strategies to keep the plan on track and to adjust when the plan goes awry (because all plans go awry!).

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of a solid, comprehensive fundraising plan and concepts of Systems-Thinking;
  • Explain how a plan will impact their fundraising and overall job function;
  • Construct a comprehensive plan;
  • Distinguish between necessary elements of plan and distractions that might inhibit its implementation;
  • Predict what planning tools will be most effective and useful;
  • Assess the effectiveness of a fundraising plan

Additional Resources for Uncharted Waters: A Fundraising Plan....

Download the slides: Uncharted Waters: A Fundraising Plan that Gets Results in Changing Times (PDF)

Download the audio: Uncharted Waters: A Fundraising Plan that Gets Results In Changing Times (MP3)

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